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Friday, March 03, 2006

Great Job... You're FIRED!!

Well I'm happy to see that the NFL Labor talks have resumed. I was really encouraged by Owners Jerry Richardson (Carolina Panthers) and Dan Rooney (Superbowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers) staying in New York after the previous talks ended abruptly.

I really wish they would get this thing together. It was way too painful for me to see talented players like Brentson Buckner (Carolina Panthers) and La'Roi Glover (Dallas Cowboys) get cut. The same threat hangs over Derrick Brooks' (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) head.

It's a sad day in the NFL world when you have players get cut who continue to carry their teams on their backs year after year and continue to put up Pro Bowl seasons.

Since when is the reward for doing great things on the field being fired?

With me it's ALWAYS Football Season!

It's About Football

It's all about football with me. For a woman to live on the NFL network, sweating right along with the Combine participants...well that's pretty darned obsessive wouldn't ya' say?

I'm dedicating this blog to one of my favorite things on this earth: FOOTBALL! Enjoy my musings on all things Football-- the NFL, AFL, CFL and NCAA Football. I'll even throw in a little Midget League and Flag Football.

With me, it's ALWAYS Football Season!